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Episode 60: Should you allow your patient to leave Against Medical Advice?

Overview of the actual evidence for AMA discharges. How to do it? Is it legally protective? Is it ok for patients to do it?



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Episode 59:Peri-mortem Cesarians in Trauma Care

This episode is a quick rundown of some pitfalls and some tips on how to deal with an extremely challenging aspect of trauma/obstetric/ED and Critical care without hitting that panic button. 

Episode 58: On Mental Health, Cyber Security and Blackmail

I was genuinely disturbed and intrigued by the Vastaamo breach where a hacker managed to obtain 40000 patient records, send out emails threatening to release their data. Imagine if your most intimate thoughts and fears where out there. Full transcripts from the computer system of a mental health facility. 

How do you prevent something like this? We owe it to our patients to be better at cyber security Medsec/ Healthcare Sec. 

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Episode 57:Never Let go of the F*****G Guidewire!

After a little Hiatus we are back! 


Just a recap on central line complications when it comes to guidewire mishaps and cannulation issues. 


Stay tuned for better content soon! 


#trauma #centrallines #angio #criticalcare #icu #foamed #cath #angio


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Episode 56: Full Throttle CPR

How to optimise your CPR for the best outcomes possible with minimal stress. 



Episode 55:Skill Decay: Can you forget how to put in a Chest Tube after a year off?

In this episode I wanted to talk about skill decay. The notion that taking a research year off, medical leave or something of that nature makes you worse at your job, and whether there is any evidence for it in the medical field. 

Episode 53: LMA Shower Thoughts

I'll still use them but sometimes you get to wondering. 

Episode 52: Psycho-Social and Spiritual Care in the ICU.

How often do take the time to try and speak to families? 


How much of an impact does it have? 


Why aren't we good at it? 


What are the best strategies for a family meeting? 


Why is it important?

Episode 51: Vasopressor and Inotropes: White Belt to Black Belt Level Strategies


Some thoughts on how , when and why we use them.


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#vasopressors # ionotropes #icu #criticalcare # shocks 

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