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Episode 48: Head Trauma 1

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First part of a live stream session for surgq8 an initiative of the American College of Surgeons Kuwait Chapter in Association with the Kuwait Association of Surgeons



Episode 47: Penetrating hand injuries: Would you rather be bit by a Human, Dog , Cat or Avocado?

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A review of low velocity penetrating hand injuries. Mostly for fun. Summary:

Short course of antibiotics.

Tetanus yes.

Rabies Rx very rarely

Be aware of Killer Avocados.



Episode 46: HAPPY HYPOXEMANIACS ….. Have we gone too far with Happy Hypoxemia?!?!

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Its been a while and I promised I was gonna limit my covid 19 posts but I'm seeing alot of dangerous comments on social media lately.... so just my 2 cents. Let me know your thoughts. 


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Fahad Al Saleh who is our chief resident in our local program and 

Hind Al Otaibi who is one of our ENT residents who spends way too many nights covering call with us in the trauma program ! 

Real Life Neck Injury Case GUEST HOSTS @steato and @haifaalotb

#trauma #criticalcare #icu #airway #neck #intubation #emergency #resusciation #foamed #meded


Episode 44:Operative Maneuvers in Neck Injury and is there really a role for anatomical zones in 2020?

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My argument against neck zones in 2020 . Are they still relevant? 

Also a review of some operative maneuvers and techniques for tracheal, laryngeal and vascular injuries from cases studies. 





Episode 43: Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury

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It's rarely talked about and unfortunately the complications are devastating and the incidence is higher than you think .






Episode 42: Neck Trauma: The Trauma Airway and Surgical Airway Controveries

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Part of a series of talks coortdinated for @surgq8. 

A review for how to intubate in cases where the Trauma Component leads to challenging anatomy. 

Als controversies in surgical airways in the ER 


#foamed #meded #trauma #icu #surgery

Episode 41:The Partial Responder Dilemma: Cross Sectional Imaging

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I was just hoping to introduce some of the concepts that can help you predict which will declare themselves as stable and which will declare themselves unstable when it comes to partial responders. 

Episode 40: Surviving your first year of Residency (or internship)

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As requested by Squashboi89 on Reddit, here is an epsidoe with some clinical pearls, some not so clinical pearls and some do and don'ts. 


Bottom line is that its a 5 year investment in a 25 year career. 


#education #residency #internship #burnout

Episode 39: Reboa - a primer!

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I received a request on itunes reviews for an episode on REBOA so here it goes! 


How to use it, when to use and what the data is like. 


#reboa #endovascular #trauma #criticalcare #resuscitation

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